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Bizbhava has become an integrated business helping hand in 05 November 2021, having main office in Hiranjan Complex, Fursungi-Bhekrai Road, Bhekrainagar, Pune – 412308.

About Bizbhava

Bizbhava is a venture product of Bizbhava Creations (Internet Enterprise), Started in 2018 by T. Vaibhav as a solopreneur, was a web designing & content development agency for a year. Though, the founder has a clear vision of making Bizbhava a versatile & authentic platform to serve effective solutions for small businesses, startups & entrepreneurs. Our Customer-centric approach always pushes us towards continuous improvement. Bizbhava has become a reliable name that assists businesses with Strategy, Content, and Lead Generation. When you connect with Bizbhava, Bizbhava becomes a part of yours.

 ‘Biz’ stands for business & ‘Bhava or’ refers to letting it happen. The combination of two forms “Bizbhava” derived as Indian blessing ‘Lets your business happen’. Our name Bizbhava itself indicates our mission.


Our core mission is to provide complete get-go business solutions to small businesses, startups & entrepreneurs, the aim is to fill the gap between technology & people to people businesses. especially local vendors & work from home enttrepreneurs. We aim to grow as a helping hand nationally, and e-commerce for local is the core part of this mission.


Bizbhava wants to become the most reliable e-commerce and marketing solutions helping hand amongst all small businesses.


Bizbhava provides value-based technically pre-eminent business solutions. Our main focus is to create an online business-friendly environment employing a seamless ‘create, market, and sell’ policy. Our core values of continuous improvement & a knack for learning, an Optimistic approach, Innovation & the ability to execute to any extent allows us to work with clients with the same passion & creative approach, every time. We think people need solutions more than rapid growth plans because it is the foundation of any well-established entity.

Bizbhava Office is Located in Hiranjan Complex, Fursungi-Bhekrai Road, Bhekrainagar, Pune – 412308



Hiranjan Complex, Fursungi-Bhekrai Road, Bhekrainagar, Pune - 412308

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