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About Bizbhava Digicard

Bizbhava is a unique business oriented service provider who always  keeps their user interest in mind. We offer varieties of services & Bizbhava Digicard is one of them. 

Create your stylish next level Bizbhava digicard with customize text, logo, high quality images & more. Our sample designs are unique in their own way. In addition to that Bizbhava supports your business in creating an omnichannel marketing experience. 

Bizbhava Digicard offers unique features. Once you’ve created your business digicard, simply copy the link or Share directly to your contacts, social media connections & wherever you can. 

We ensure that you get a value for money experience. Contact today  & start creating your own Bizbhava Digicard. 

Bizbhava Digicard Features

Share Unlimited

Share Bizbhava Digicard as much as you can, let your business heard by thousands. It's like mouth publicity! You know it.

Business Oriented Unique Design

Branding Specific design that define your Business, whether you are a manufacturer or a vendor/ service provider.

Powerful Marketing

Sharing business information is one thing, showing is another. Bizbhava Digicard attracts unique customers to your business

Click to Save Contact

Customers can save your Professional Contact Information means they might trust your business,
Bizbhava Digicard is one way to build trust among your customer & off-course reaching out to new one

Click to Call

Never Miss an opprtunity to get new clinets, when Customers can call you with one click

Click to Whatsapp

Get queries while working or taking a nap, Customers can whatspp you with one click

Click to Mail

Professional queries got easier with
one click mail option

Click to Map Navigation

Searching Business location with
one click Find on Map

High Quality Images

Adding high resolution images to Bizbhava Digicard enhances the overall impression of your business

Customize Your Business

Various text information such as essential business info, About, Lists, One Liner, etc. ensures your business reach effectively

Multilinguil Support

Bizbhava Digicard supports Regional languages such as Marathi/ Hindi along with standard English to make accessible to everyone around

Smarphone Optimization

Bizbhava Digicards are designed to be mobile friendly to ensure everyone can access & share your business from any device

Add Link to Social Media

Adding Bizbhava Digicard link to the social media channels make potential queries accessible at one place, your personalized whatsapp contact number

Add Social Media Links

Add Social Media links to the Bizbhava Digicard

More Features to Add

We are constantly trying to provide
the best of what you deserve, probably something real big!!

Sample Designs

Jaisa Business,
Waisa Bizbhava Digicard

We Introduce New Bizbhava Digicard Designs Every Month
You can Ask Us to Create One


Bizbhava Basic Digicard

Rs. 999 /Year

Rs. 799 /Year

Bizbhava Premium Digicard

Rs. 2999 /Year

Rs. 1999 /Year

Bizbhava Premium plus


Do not share any kind of sensitive personal information such as Bank Details, OTP, ATM Pin, Aadhar Card/Pan Card number, etc. with anyone.


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