Multispeciality Hospital


Dr. Govind Eknath Patil

General Surgeon (M.S.)



Welcome to Niramay Hospital

NIRAMAY was established in 2014 and for over 12 years has provided multi-disciplinary and comprehensive medical services.

The Hospital through its years has conceptualized and put into operation a “bottom-up” approach, where the needs of the patient are kept at the core, and treatment is designed accordingly. In doing so, Hospital has succeeded in establishing an institution rooted in community-focused medical treatment.

Treatment and services at the Hospital are designed in a manner to ensure that the highest quality treatment is made available at an affordable cost. It has become a center for patients from all over Jalna district and surrounding.

A team of eminent doctors helms the Hospital, and staff most of whom are not only highly decorated but also leaders in their respective fields of specialization.

Wishing you good health and happiness.

||सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः||

Dr. Padmakar Madhav Sabnis

Managing Director
Niramay hospital Jalna


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Dr. Padmakar Madhav Sabnis – M.D. Medicine

Dr. Vaishali Pradip Pandit – M.B.B.S. , D.G.O.

Dr. Nita Govind Patil – M.B.B.S. / General Physician

Dr. Nitin Shivaji Gadevad – M.D. (Chest)

Dr. Dhanashri Padmakar Sabnis – M.D. (Homeopathy)

Dr. Abhijit Kangne – X-Ray & Sonography Expert

Dr. Badriprasad Ghuge – M.B.B.S. , M.D.

Dr. Shweta Rathod-Paritkar – M.B.B.S. , D.G.O.

Available Services

Surgery [Operation]

Stomach disorders, abdominal tumors,
Thyroid, Hernia, Appendix, wounds
Diabetic foot disease, Gangrene fracture,
Cancer of the throat, stomach, esophagus,
Spine Surgery, Spinal disorders


Diabeties. Heart diseases, Blood Pressure [BP]
Paralysis, Poisonings, Kidney disease Thyroid
T.B. Asthma, Heart attacks,
Scorpion-bite, Snake-bite Poison
Arthritis, allergies, Dengue,
All types of epidemic and febrile diseases

Department of obstretics and Gynecology

Prenatal checkup and consultation Normal and cesarean, delivery
Family Planning Operation and Copper-T,
Menstrual disturbances: irregularity and bleeding discharge (white discharge),
Cancer in Women and Screenings

Department Orthopedic

All types of Accidents Fracture, Treatment & Operation,
Artificial Operation and Guidance (Joint Replacement),
Examination of joints by telescope
Emergency and Essential Services

Burns, ICU, Ventilator,
Advanced Equipped I.C.U.
24 HRS Pathology, and Medical Store
24 * 7 emergency services available




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